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Rob Hunter has been writing for Film School Rejects since before you were born, which is weird seeing as he's so damn young. He's our Chief Film Critic and Associate Editor and lists 'Broadcast News' as his favorite film of all time. Feel free to say hi if you see him on Twitter @FakeRobHunter.

Tarantino’s ‘Inglourious Basterds’ Finds A Release Date

By Rob Hunter 

Quentin Tarantino made a bold prediction last May at the Cannes Film Festival, saying that his new movie would be premiering there in 2009. As it turns out, he may have been telling the truth for once.

Foreign Objects: Taken (France)

By Rob Hunter 

This week’s entry may not look look like a French film, but the movie bible (IMDB) says it is, so it is. It’s produced by a French man, directed by a French man, and released by a French production company. It’s also filmed in English and is being released in the US one year after it’s worldwide release.

Review: ‘Surfer, Dude’ Is A Stoner Comedy Minus The Comedy

By Rob Hunter 

How do you make a stoner comedy and forget the comedy? Having watched both Surfer, Dude and the DVD’s special features, my guess would have something to do with the cast and crew sampling the ganja used as set dressing a bit too often and succumbing to short term memory loss.

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The Ten Best Foreign Films of 2008

By Rob Hunter 

I’ve been tasked with presenting the Top Ten Foreign Films (and while you may think that some of my choices are mistaken as well, you would in fact be mistaken). You may also notice that it differs substantially from other foreign film ‘best of’ lists…

Thomas Jane Leads ‘The Devil’s Commandos’ Straight Into Hell

By Rob Hunter 

Thomas Jane is currently in post production on at least two films, one of which he’s directing. For most actors that would be enough for one calendar year, but Jane apparently likes to work. A lot. So his 2009 has just gotten even busier…

Court Finds For Fox In ‘Watchmen’ Case, Rules Against WB

By Rob Hunter 

Santa left an early present in Warner Bros. stocking on Wednesday… a lump of coal in the form of an early ruling in 20th Century Fox’s Watchmen copyright lawsuit against them.

Foreign Objects: Timecrimes

By Rob Hunter 

Foreign Objects travels the world of international cinema each week to look for films worth visiting. So renew your passport, get your shots, and brush up on the local age of legal consent, this week we’re heading to… Spain!

Will Sandra Bullock Be Stallone’s Latest Expendable?

By Rob Hunter 

Many of you may look upon Sylvester Stallone’s upcoming action epic The Expendables as a lesser version of Quentin Tarantino’s Ingloryhole Bastards. If so, you are wrong. For my money, The Expendables looks to be the more interesting of the two.

Review: ‘Pulse 3’ Ends The Worst Trilogy In the World… Hopefully

By Rob Hunter 

Have you ever gone into a movie expecting the worst and then been pleasantly surprised? This is not one of those movies.