Rob Hunter

Rob Hunter has been writing for Film School Rejects since before you were born, which is weird seeing as he's so damn young. He's our Chief Film Critic and Associate Editor and lists 'Broadcast News' as his favorite film of all time. Feel free to say hi if you see him on Twitter @FakeRobHunter.
Amazon Prime Guide July

What’s New to Stream on Amazon Prime for July 2021

By Rob Hunter 

Hitchcock! Evans! Stewart! Hiddleston! Pratt?

Fear Street 1994

‘Fear Street: 1994’ Offers Up a Bloody Love Letter to 90s Slashers

By Rob Hunter 

The creator of Goosebumps also wrote horror for older kids and terror-loving kids at heart.

Heston in Major Dundee

Go West with Sam Peckinpah and Our Pick of the Week

By Rob Hunter 

Plus 9 more new releases to watch at home this week on Blu-ray/DVD!

Black Widow: Release Date, Cast, Plot

‘Black Widow’ Kicks Off Marvel’s Phase Four with Action and Heart Aplenty

By Rob Hunter 

Surprising exactly no one, Florence Pugh steals the show.

Michelle Rodriguez and a big baby in F9

‘F9: The Fast Saga’ Continues Running On and Inhaling Its Own Empty Fumes

By Rob Hunter 

As an action movie it’s pretty dull, but as a setup for a future Han-centric spin-off? It’s way too long.

Video Game Movies Ranked

The 41 Best and Worst Video Game Movies, Ranked

By Rob Hunter 

From Uwe Boll’s many efforts to Detective Pikachu and beyond, we run down the list of the best and worst video game movies ever.

Sam Richardson in Werewolves Within

‘Werewolves Within’ is a Funny, Nifty, and Entertaining Horror/Comedy

By Rob Hunter 

And it might also be the best video game adaptation yet?

Liam Neeson in The Ice Road

‘The Ice Road’ Needed Some Sorcery During Pre/Post-Production

By Rob Hunter 

Turns out Liam Neeson’s particular set of skills extends to driving trucks across frozen lakes.

Savage Three

Two Pounds of Poliziotteschi Arrives as Our Pick of the Week

By Rob Hunter 

Plus 13 more new releases to watch at home this week on Blu-ray/DVD!