Peyton Robinson

Spent my childhood watching Spongebob Squarepants and A Nightmare on Elm Street. I’ve been this way ever since.
Silent Night Deadly Night franchise

The ‘Silent Night, Deadly Night’ Franchise Brings Blood to the Yuletide Season

By Peyton Robinson 

No horror franchise cuts into Christmastime quite like the ‘Silent Night, Deadly Night’ films.

Slasher Remakes

The Deadly Do-Overs of Horror’s Staple Slashers

By Peyton Robinson 

Remaking the slasher Hall of Fame is contentious, but some of the films hold up better than others.

Bad Hair

‘Bad Hair,’ Black Women, and White Standard in the Corporate Sphere

By Peyton Robinson 

‘Bad Hair’ investigates the lengths of various factors that perpetuate Black female oppression.

Dario Argento giallo Tenebrae

Dario Argento: The King of Giallo

By Peyton Robinson 

Dario Argento didn’t create the giallo subgenre, but his macabre style made it famous.

Shadow In The Cloud Chloe Grace Moretz

‘Shadow in the Cloud’ Gets Lost in the Haze

By Peyton Robinson 

Roseanne Liang’s film spins a thoughtful feminist narrative…almost.

I Care A Lot Pike Gonzalez And Wiest

‘I Care a Lot’ Exposes the Damning Reality of American Crime

By Peyton Robinson 

J Blakeson’s film pits con artists against the mob, prompting us to reconsider our associations with the word “crime.”

folk horror films Midsommar

The Harrowing and Hypocritical Humanity of Folk Horror

By Peyton Robinson 

The folk horror subgenre takes a ruthless stab at humanity’s hypocrisy.

Psycho Bates House

Exploring the Legacy of the ‘Psycho’ Franchise

By Peyton Robinson 

The influence of ‘Psycho’ is ever-present, but its sequels still have something to offer in the franchise’s canon.