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Paola Mardo

Paola Mardo

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The Movies We’d Watch as Live Shows

‘Fast and Furious Live’ is coming soon. Here are other movie franchises that could be worth seeing live too.On the heels of the new trailer for The Fate of the Furious, Variety reported that Universal…


How Did the Oscars Get Not So White?

How new members and a hashtag influenced this year’s more inclusive Oscar nominees.The nominations are out and word on the street is that the Oscars are finally not so white. Six black actors have bee…


Jackie and the Art of the Image

Natalie Portman stars as America’s most carefully crafted First Lady.(Fox Searchlight)I first learned about Jaqueline “Jackie” Kennedy Onassis as a child. I stumbled upon a biography book about her in…


Moana Takes Classic Disney to New Frontiers

It’s a beautiful, if risk-averse, representation of Pacific Islander culture and a resilient heroine.DisneyMoana is a call to adventure for a new generation. The story takes cues from Disney classics …