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The 50 Best Shots of 2018

By One Perfect Shot 

The best movies, shows, music videos, and more of 2018 get the One Perfect Shot treatment.

Dean Cundey Cameo

The 25 Most Beautiful Dean Cundey Shots

By One Perfect Shot 

A celebration of one of Hollywood’s most prolific cinematographers.


The 45 Most Beautiful Shots of Cinematic Sunsets

By One Perfect Shot 

Sunsets have provided a backdrop to some of the most powerful, beautiful, and memorable scenes in movies.

Ari Aster Hereditary

6 Perfect Shots with ‘Hereditary’ Director Ari Aster

By One Perfect Shot 

The director of ‘Hereditary’ shares with us a selection of his favorite shots.

Flower Movie Set Max Winkler Carolina Costa

6 Perfect Shots From ‘Flower’ Director Max Winkler

By One Perfect Shot 

Filmmaker Max Winkler shows us 6 of his favorite Perfect Shots and talks about how they inspired the look of his new film, Flower.

Roger Deakins

The 35 Most Beautiful Roger Deakins Shots

By One Perfect Shot 

In celebration of his first Oscar win (on his 14th try), let’s celebrate by counting down the most beautiful shots in Roger Deakins’ prolific career.

Rewind Best Shots

The 40 Most Beautiful Shots From The Movies of 2017

By One Perfect Shot 

From the One Perfect Shot team and our followers, a collection of the most beautiful shots from the movies of 2017.

Alien Header

The 50 Most Beautiful Shots of The Alien Franchise

By One Perfect Shot 

From 1979’s ‘Alien’ to 2017’s ‘Covenant’ and everything in between, we look at the 50 Most Beautiful Shots of the Alien Franchise.

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5 Perfect Shots With Ben Wheatley

By One Perfect Shot