Sheryl Oh

Sheryl Oh often finds herself fascinated (and let's be real, a little obsessed) with actors and their onscreen accomplishments, developing Film School Rejects' Filmographies column as a passion project. She's not very good at Twitter but find her at @sherhorowitz anyway. (She/Her)
Naomi Scott Aladdin

How Naomi Scott Smartens Up the Blockbuster

By Sheryl Oh 

The ‘Aladdin’ and ‘Charlie’s Angels’ star is the kind of earnest lead Hollywood needs more of.

Dscf Raf

Michael Shannon and the State of Small-town Sinners in ‘The Quarry’

By Sheryl Oh 

The actor discusses the timeliness and attraction of his new film about personhood and redemption.

Mamoudou Athie Unicorn Store

Mamoudou Athie Deserves to Be a Star

By Sheryl Oh 

We’ve only just scratched the surface of what the ‘Sorry for Your Loss’ and ‘Patti Cake$’ star can do.

Great Gatsby Carey Mulligan Daisy

Carey Mulligan and the Deconstruction of the Likable Woman

By Sheryl Oh 

To this day, the Oscar-nominated star of ‘An Education’ never stops schooling us on the power of reinvention.


The Inner Lives of Jamie Bell

By Sheryl Oh 

The star of ‘Billy Elliot’ and ‘Rocketman’ demonstrates just how to take a leap of faith in the film industry.

Saoirse Ronan Brooklyn

Saoirse Ronan’s Unconventional Heroines

By Sheryl Oh 

The Oscar-nominated ‘Brooklyn’ and ‘Little Women’ star has made it her duty to show us the many facets of onscreen feminine power.

Adam Driver Paterson

How Adam Driver Gets Under Our Skin

By Sheryl Oh 

The ‘Star Wars’ and ‘Girls’ alum repeatedly delivers fresh takes on character tropes, imploring audiences to search for nuance in movies of all genres.

The Rise Of Skywalker Daisy Ridley

Creating the World of ‘The Rise of Skywalker’ with Editor Maryann Brandon

By Sheryl Oh 

According to one of J.J. Abrams’ most trusted long-time collaborators, crafting this vital final chapter in pop culture history presents a unique set of challenges and pressures in the cutting room.

Parasite Dad

How ‘Parasite’ Editor Yang Jin-mo Shaped the Film of the Year

By Sheryl Oh 

One of the most important artists in Bong Joon-ho’s filmmaking circle discusses the process of transcending genre to create a timeless and timely film.