Meg Shields

Based in the Pacific North West, Meg enjoys long scrambles on cliff faces and cozying up with a good piece of 1960s eurotrash. As a senior contributor at FSR, Meg's objective is to spread the good word about the best of sleaze, genre, and practical effects.
Dead Ringers

To Split-Screens and Beyond: The Art of Creating Doubles

By Meg Shields 

A look at one of the most common visual effects in all of cinema: duplicating a human being and having the two interact.

Stagecoach what is a western

What is a Western, Anyway?

By Meg Shields 

The Western is dead, long live the Western.

Cleopatra Theda Bara William Fox Studios

From Talkies to Light Corruption: The Rise and Fall of Fox Studios

By Meg Shields 

Cue the fanfare.

Roy Scheider in Jaws

‘Jaws’ and Genre: The Horror of an Unseen Threat

By Meg Shields 

We’re not here to argue genre semantics. We’re here to talk about why ‘Jaws’ is so horrifying.

Roger Deakins film lighting Blade Runner

The Roger Deakins Guide to Film Lighting

By Meg Shields 

Lights, Camera, Deakins!

Toy Story sound design Buzz Jump

The Sound Design of ‘Toy Story’ is All About Balance

By Meg Shields 

Listen up: when you’re building a world from the perspective of toys, sound design is critical.

Black sunday horror streaming in November 2020

All the Horror You Need to Stream in November 2020

By Meg Shields 

Here’s our monthly rundown of all the horror flicks dropping and departing from your favorite streaming services in November 2020.

Midsommar Smile Final Girl trope

Clever Girls: The Evolution of the Final Girl Trope

By Meg Shields 

It ain’t over till it’s over.

Pinhead Poster Box

How They Did the “Birth of Frank” Sequence in ‘Hellraiser’

By Meg Shields 

Pull yourself together!