Meg Shields

Based in the Pacific North West, Meg enjoys long scrambles on cliff faces and cozying up with a good piece of 1960s eurotrash. As a senior contributor at FSR, Meg's objective is to spread the good word about the best of sleaze, genre, and practical effects.
Macbeth 1948 shakespeare movies

Laurence Olivier, Orson Welles, and the Dilemma of Adapting Shakespeare

By Meg Shields 

Shakespeare is the most screen-adapted writer of all time. And as far as cinematic adaptations go, 1948 was the best year.

Gremlins Holiday Horror

The Trailblazing Tonal Shift of ‘Gremlins’

By Meg Shields 

The words “blender” and “murder” shouldn’t be this funny, and yet here we are.

Vhs Tape

The Magic of VHS: How Low-Res Taught Us to Love Movies

By Meg Shields 

Here’s why the imperfections of VHS endeared so many of us to cinema, and why a low-res viewing experience isn’t necessarily a bad one.

Best Movie Trailers 2020

The Best Movie Trailers of 2020

By Meg Shields 

From the memorable to the meme-worthy, here are the movie trailers that piqued our interest in 2020.

Best Video Essays

The 20 Best Video Essays of 2020

By Meg Shields 

In a year when we needed distractions, these were the video essays that kept us digging deep into the content we love.

Video Game Camera

How Video Game Cameras are Changing Cinematography

By Meg Shields 

Movies have had an immense effect on how video games look, but that balance is beginning to shift.

accidents film

The Importance of Cinema’s Happy Accidents

By Meg Shields 

Hey, accidents happen. Hopefully the cameras caught it.

Jurassic Park T Rex Roar

How They Designed The T-Rex Roar in ‘Jurassic Park’

By Meg Shields 

One of the rare sound effects as iconic as its accompanying visual effect.

Princess Mononoke Eye

‘Princess Mononoke’ and The Importance of Compassion

By Meg Shields 

There are few people-watchers quite like Hayao Miyazaki