Meg Shields

Meg Shields is the humble farm boy of your dreams and a senior contributor at Film School Rejects. She currently runs three columns at FSR: The Queue, How'd They Do That?, and Horrorscope. She is also a curator for One Perfect Shot and a freelance writer for hire. Meg can be found screaming about John Boorman's 'Excalibur' on Twitter here: @TheWorstNun. (She/Her).
The Green Knight

Time, Mossy Bones, and the Main Theme of ‘The Green Knight’ Explained

By Meg Shields 

Why is he a GREEN knight, anyway? And what was with that really slow, rotating mid-film pan?

Days Of Horror Opening Credits

10 Best Opening Credits Sequences in Horror Films

By Meg Shields 

Settle in, set the mood, and let the ooky spooky credits roll.

Return Of The Living Dead

The Rebellious Existential Comedy of ‘The Return of the Living Dead’

By Meg Shields 

A horror comedy with brrrrrrrraaaaains.


The Movie That Almost Killed Sam Raimi’s Career

By Meg Shields 

As Bruce Campbell himself puts it: ‘Crimewave’ wasn’t released. It escaped.

Streaming Horror October

All the Horror You Need to Stream in October 2021

By Meg Shields 

Streaming services are delivering the ghoulish goods this month, so plan accordingly!

Horror Monster In Suit

10 Best “Guy in a Suit” Monsters in Horror Films

By Meg Shields 

A little (okay, *a lot*) of foam rubber never hurt nobody.

Creepshow 3_2

‘Creepshow’ is Less Humerus than it Thinks with “Skeletons in the Closet”

By Meg Shields 

We have a bone to pick with this episode, folks.

Spaghetti Western music Once Upon a Time in the West

A Formal Investigation Into Why Spaghetti Western Music Slaps So Hard

By Meg Shields 

Guitar twangs, piccolos, and bass trombones, oh my!

Wings Tracking Dolly Shot

How They Filmed the Café Dolly Shot in ‘Wings’

By Meg Shields 

No, there wasn’t a buzzsaw attached to the camera. But that’s a free idea if anyone wants it…