Meg Shields

Meg Shields is the humble farm boy of your dreams and a senior contributor at Film School Rejects. She currently runs three columns at FSR: The Queue, How'd They Do That?, and Horrorscope. She is also a curator for One Perfect Shot and a freelance writer for hire. Meg can be found screaming about John Boorman's 'Excalibur' on Twitter here: @TheWorstNun. (She/Her).
Studio Laika: Kubo And The Strings

How Studio Laika Seeds Their Stories with Invisible Labor

By Meg Shields 

Ah yes, the unseen magical realm to just-out-of-frame animators pipeline.

Evil Dead Ii Sam Raimi

From Goopy to Groovy: How Sam Raimi Approaches Horror Comedy

By Meg Shields 

If comedy is just tragedy + time … we have to assume that horror comedy is tragedy + slime.

Best Movies Benedetta

Master of Nun(sploitation): The Cinematic Influences of ‘Benedetta’

By Meg Shields 

Developed something of a HABIT for nun films after watching ‘Benedetta’? We’ve got you covered.

Streaming Horror May 2022

All the Horror You Need to Stream in May 2022

By Meg Shields 

From pre-code nightmare fuel to hot new horrifying releases, here’s the streamable horror to keep an eye on this May.

The Wailing Horror

Why the Horror of ‘The Wailing’ Hinges on Ambiguity

By Meg Shields 

Time to dig into the bones of a film that really lives up to its name.

The Wolf House Horror

How ‘The Wolf House’ Uses Fantasy to Confront the Horrors of History

By Meg Shields 

Warren Zevon be like “awoooo wolf houses of historical trauma.”

Cinema A To Zeotrope Hugo

From A to Zoetrope: A Look at the Ancestors of Cinema

By Meg Shields 

Before the moving image, there was … the slightly slower moving image.

One Cut Of The Dead Group Shot

Why ‘One Cut of the Dead’ Is a Bloody Love Letter to Low Budget Cinema

By Meg Shields 


Jeopardy Shot in The Gold Rush (1925)

From Painted Glass to Green Screens: The Jeopardy Shot Explained

By Meg Shields 

Let’s talk about the glass shot. (No, not the kind you pour tequila into).