M.G McIntyre

Actor of little renown, writer of none, jack of exactly three trades
The Wire Pilot

This America, Man: Institutional Failure and The Pilot Episode of ‘The Wire’

By M.G McIntyre 

Forging a new era of America television drama, David Simon’s Drug War epic still resonates almost two decades later.

Justified Boyd

Next One’s Coming Faster: The Neo-Western Flair Of ‘Justified’

By M.G McIntyre 

FX’s western series is a modern classic of the genre, and fun as hell.


In Praise of Tim Burton’s ‘Batman’ and Ignoring Source Material

By M.G McIntyre 

Comic book movies have been too obsessed with what is and isn’t canon, and Tim Burton knew that back in ’89.

Jesse James Deakins

Aberration in The Lens: Roger Deakins and Jesse James

By M.G McIntyre 

The genius cinematographer’s laconic take on the modern western is a masterclass in film photography and light.

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

The ‘Once Upon A Time In Hollywood’ Trailer is Here

By M.G McIntyre 

Dive into our first look at Quentin Tarantino’s reimagined Hollywood in the Summer of Love.

Marvel Easter Eggs

The Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Dangerous Love of Easter Eggs

By M.G McIntyre 

We all love searching for Easter eggs In the Marvel movies, but how seriously should we take them?

Luke Perry

Remembering Luke Perry, Who Seemed Like a Really Good Guy

By M.G McIntyre 

The ’90s heartthrob was heading for a career renaissance when he died suddenly of a stroke this week.

The Dirt

‘The Dirt’ Trailer Reaction: Is The Era Of The Uncritical Rock Star Biopic Coming To An End?

By M.G McIntyre 

After over a century of excusing male excess in the name of rock greatness, are we finally over the era of the dirtbag rockstar?

Eighth Grade

A Big WGA Win for ‘Eighth Grade’ and What It Says About The Oscars

By M.G McIntyre 

With Bo Burnham’s Writer’s Guild Awards win for ‘Eighth Grade,’ the Oscars writing category seems to be further from relevance than ever.