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Killmonger Solo Movie - Black Panther

A Killmonger Solo Movie? Yes, Please.

By Max Covill 

The life of the ‘Black Panther’ antagonist would make for a riveting spin-off.

Lu Over the Wall

Masaaki Yuasa’s Breakthrough Year

By Max Covill 

Masaaki Yuasa’s work is being made available for the first time and introducing an exciting talent to Western audiences. 

Titanic Ending

The Character Deaths That Defined a Generation

By Max Covill 

Everyone can recall a moment in a film that made them cry.

Black Panther Infinity War

What’s Next For The Marvel Cinematic Universe?

By Max Covill 

The MCU is just beginning.

Aggressive Retsuko Sub Still C

What the Heck Is ‘Aggretsuko’?

By Max Covill 

This adorable red panda will rage her way into your heart. 

A Quiet Place

Not Every Clever Sci-Fi Movie Needs To Be a ‘Cloverfield’ Movie

By Max Covill 

A Quiet Place exceeded expectations since it was an original entity. Tying it to Cloverfield would’ve undone it. 

No Featured Image

50 Years of ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’: Kubrick’s Genius and Extraordinary Scenes

By Max Covill 

Delve into one of the most significant films of all-time by the legendary Stanley Kubrick.

Spielberg through Children's Eyes: ET

Steven Spielberg: Through Children’s Eyes

By Max Covill 

With ‘Ready Player One,’ Spielberg continues to present a world full of endless possibility.

Unsane Phone

A Brief History of Movies Shot With Phones

By Max Covill 

Grab your phone and start shooting. The audience is waiting.