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What A Movie Like Hush Means For Disabled Representation

By Kristen Lopez 

A horror movie that avoids pandering to stereotypes.

The Gorgeous, Destructive Promise of The Neon Demon Trailer

By Kristen Lopez 

A breakdown of Nicholas Winding Refn’s next film and a look back at the destructive history of movies about models.

Jungle Book Animated

The Jungle Book: Comparing The Voice Casts of 1967 and 2016

By Kristen Lopez 

When Walt Disney started working on full-length animated features, the voice cast was irrelevant. Now it’s everything.

The Case for Sofia Coppola’s Beguiled Remake

By Kristen Lopez 

Sometimes a remake offers a filmmaker an opportunity to right some wrongs.

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10 Cloverfield Lane and the Reclamation of the Captive Woman

By Kristen Lopez