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Liz Baessler is a frequent contributor and infrequent columnist at Film School Rejects. She has an MA in English and a lot of time on her hands. (She/Her)
Best Tv Mid

The Best TV Shows of 2018 So Far

By Liz Baessler 

The year’s half over. When did that happen?

Dominic Cooper Jesse Custer Preacher

‘Preacher’ Season 3: A Wild But Slow Ride

By Liz Baessler 

‘Preacher’ returns high on insanity but low on energy.

Michael Shannon Michael B. Jordan Fahrenheit 451

Why Did ‘Fahrenheit 451’ Kill the Wrong Person?

By Liz Baessler 

And why does it matter?

Fsr Bestsummermovies Thelionking

The Best Summer Movie Ever is ‘The Lion King’

By Liz Baessler 

Millennials are ruining Summer Movie Debate Week.

Legion Rachel Keller As Syd Barrett

Is ‘Legion’ Brilliant Or Just Willfully Obtuse?

By Liz Baessler 

I’m not sure, but I can’t stop watching it.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Live

‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ Live is Just As Magical As You’d Imagine

By Liz Baessler 

Medford, Massachusetts: Only 13 T Stops from the Beach.

Best Year In Movies Was

The Best Year in Movies Was 1975

By Liz Baessler 

At the end of the Vietnam War and the middle of the Sexual Revolution, 1975 marked a profound change in the films people wanted to see.

Barry Bill Hader

The Sweet, Refreshing Optimism of ‘Barry’

By Liz Baessler 

It’s easy to love Bill Hader’s killer with a dream.

Annihilation Natalie Portman

Let’s Talk About The End of ‘Annihilation’

By Liz Baessler 

How do you end the first film of a trilogy when there won’t be a second or third?