Hannah Payne

An early 20th-century vaudeville performer-turned silent film star in a film student's body. Currently watching too many movies and writing too many essays in Santa Cruz, CA.
Production Crew Walking

Why Line Producers Matter

By Hannah Payne 

A tribute to the unsung heroes of the production world.

Header Do The Right Thing

‘Do the Right Thing’ and the Power of the Dutch Angle

By Hannah Payne 

There’s more to this mainstay technique than just tilted camera.

Oscar Banner

An Oscar for Lina Wertmüller Reminds Us of the Academy’s Gender Problem

By Hannah Payne 

The theme at this year’s Governors Awards focused on diversity and inclusion.


‘Dumplin’ Review: Where Body Positivity and Beauty Pageants Coexist

By Hannah Payne 

This flawed but fun take on body politics and coming-of-age is worth a watch.

The Parent Trap Meredith

How Meredith Blake from ‘The Parent Trap’ Went from Villain to Relatable Icon

By Hannah Payne 

This “evil” stepmother figure in Disney’s 1998 remake is finally receiving the appreciation she always deserved.

Spectacular Spectacular

The Show Within a Show Tells Us What to Expect

By Hannah Payne 

Musical theatre is rife with this common trope, but where did it come from and how does it work?

Next Goal Wins Documentary

The True Underdog Story Behind Taika Waititi’s Next Movie

By Hannah Payne 

‘Next Goal Wins’ will try to succeed where most documentary remakes fail.

Richard Linklater

Why ‘Merrily We Roll Along’ Will Take 20 Years to Film

By Hannah Payne 

Richard Linklater is topping his ‘Boyhood’ production span with his adaptation of the 1981 musical flop turned cult favorite.

Pennywise Sewer IT 2017

Pennywise the Sewer-Lurking Clown and Why We Can’t Resist Him

By Hannah Payne 

Yes, he’s a creepy, murderous clown. Yes, I am climbing down into that sewer.