Sarah Foulkes

Writer/Director/Actor/FKA the girl at the party who'd ask, "does anyone wanna watch a movie?"

The Merchant Ivory: The History of Adaptations That Came Before ‘Call Me By Your Name’

By Sarah Foulkes 

Looking back at James Ivory and Ismail Merchant’s partnership and how they adapted novels.

I Tonya

Editing Tonya’s Trauma: An Interview with Tatiana Riegel

By Sarah Foulkes 

An interview with Tatiana Riegel, editor of I, Tonya.

Timberlake Wonder Wheel

Justin Timberlake’s Myth of the Wild West

By Sarah Foulkes 

Exploring JT’s search for authenticity in the woods.

Christmas Prince Netflix

The Best Worst Christmas Movies on Netflix in 2017

By Sarah Foulkes 

There have been so many great films in 2017, so celebrate by watching some terrible ones.

Star Wars Darth Vader Enters

What ‘Star Wars’ and Charles Dickens Have in Common

By Sarah Foulkes 

An exploration of the serial.

Greta Gerwig

An Exploration of Greta Gerwig as ‘The Most Original Actor of Her Generation’

By Sarah Foulkes 

What’s the best training for a director? Being an actor. Just ask Greta Gerwig.


The Face is like a Map: Frances McDormand’s Portrait

By Sarah Foulkes 

A short portrait of one of the great American actresses.

Good Time

‘Good Time’ Gets Better with a Blu-ray Release

By Sarah Foulkes 

A look at the brotherhood of ‘Good Time’ in an exclusive clip from the Blu-ray.

Lewis Stills Yuricamillekiss

Meet ‘195 Lewis,’ The Next Breakout Webseries

By Sarah Foulkes 

This webseries may be made by queer black women for queer black women, but its quality is something anyone can see.