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Extraction, Jb Nef

The ‘Extraction’ Franchise is Full of Interesting Possibilities

By Kieran Fisher 

Joe Russo doesn’t know if the next movie will be a sequel or a prequel, but both scenarios present some exciting options.

Demolition Man

A ‘Demolition Man’ Sequel Joins the List of Sylvester Stallone’s Many Promised Sequels

By Kieran Fisher 

Stallone is teasing a follow-up to 1993’s ‘Demolition Man’ again, but just like these other sequels, that one probably won’t ever see the light of day.

Tv Horror Crowhaven Farm

Those Pesky Witches Are Out for Revenge In ‘Crowhaven Farm’

By Kieran Fisher 

“A chilling tale of vengeance from beyond the grave.”

Parks And Recreation Special

Is There An Audience for Social Distancing Shows After COVID-19?

By Kieran Fisher 

It’s going to take something really special to make people want to relive these events.

Spy Vs Spy

The History of the ‘Spy vs Spy’ Movie

By Kieran Fisher 

The long-gestating adaptation of Antonio Prohia’s comics has a new director, but some interesting filmmakers have come and gone in the past.


The History of ‘The Goonies’ Sequel

By Kieran Fisher 

Let’s delve into the story behind the long-rumored sequel.

The Boys Season 1

The Ending of ‘The Boys’ Season 1 Explained

By Kieran Fisher 

The first season of the Amazon series ends on an almighty cliffhanger, but what does it mean for Season 2?

Daft Punk Tron Legacy

Dario Argento Is Making a New Movie and Daft Punk Will Provide the Beats

By Kieran Fisher 

The French techno duo will team up with the Italian horror legend for ‘Black Glasses.’

Street Law

Franco Nero Is Out for Vigilante Justice In ‘Street Law’

By Kieran Fisher 

When there’s no where else to turn, it’s a citizen’s duty to take the law into their own hands.