Author: Erica Bahrenburg

The Basic Math of Oscar Voting

Ever wonder how a film becomes the Best Film? It’s all in the numbers.On February 26th, millions of people will gather around their television sets and tune in to watch the 89th Academy Awards. Hollyw…


What to Watch Instead of The Super Bowl

Because not everyone is into football. And that’s okay.This Sunday, the Atlanta Falcons will take on the New England Patriots in football’s biggest night: the 51st Super Bowl. Fans are expecting it to…


The Best and Worst of the 2017 Golden Globes

All the highlights, for better or worse.The Golden Globes are always a hoot. They really have got a little something for everyone to enjoy. Your favorite television stars are mingling with your favori…

The Five TV Trends that Need to Die in 2017

#2017PreviewWe’re ready to give these trends the boot as we head into a new year.2016 was a great year for TV, but there were a few trends that need to go…1. Bury Your GaysKilling off characters in lo…


The Breakout TV Stars of 2016

#2016RewindSeven TV stars who turned heads this year.Every year there are a few new television shows that give us hope for the future generation of actors. Whether they are new performers on brand new…

Hayao Miyazaki Is Coming Out of Retirement

Everyone Rejoice!For one more film…Art by Juggernaut-ArtIt has been kind of a rough week, but that does not mean that good things are over. Despite announcing his retirement from feature length filmma…


Finding the Humor in This Election Season

Once we’re done voting for real, we might need a stiff drink and some political comedy.Praise the Lord, this election season is just about over. It has truly been a roller coaster of a ride that late …


Lego Batman Trailer: The Not-So-Dark Knight

The Not-So-Dark KnightThe Lego Batman Movie gets a trailer that will brighten up your day.One of the clearest differences between Marvel hero movies and DC hero movies are their tones. The phrase “dar…