Will DiGravio

Will DiGravio is a Brooklyn-based critic, researcher, and video essayist, who has been a contributor at Film School Rejects since 2018. Follow and/or unfollow him on Twitter @willdigravio.
My Life As A Zucchini

Examining How Films Effectively Utilize Cliché

By Will DiGravio 

These three films use cliché the right way.

Midnight In Paris

‘Midnight in Paris’ and the Allure of Hate Watching

By Will DiGravio 

Why keep watching the movies we hate?

James Spader The Office

The Case for Robert California

By Will DiGravio 

Why Robert California is a central character in the saga of ‘The Office.’

John Wayne Face

Why We Love the Old, Grainy Face of Film

By Will DiGravio 

This video essay uses Stagecoach to explore the everchanging face of film.


5 Must Watch Video Essays for Hitchcock Fans

By Will DiGravio 

If you love Alfred Hitchcock, you’ll love these video essays about his work.

Marilyn Monroe

The Difference Between Marilyn Monroe’s Public and Private Personas

By Will DiGravio 

Watch a video essay that explores Monroe’s private writings and what she really thought.

Rebecca Crop

Exploring the Relationship Between ‘Citizen Kane’ and ‘Rebecca’

By Will DiGravio 

What can we learn by juxtaposing these two classic movies?

Shape Of Water

How Guillermo del Toro Uses Color to Create New Worlds

By Will DiGravio 

Watch a video essay about ‘The Shape of Water’ director’s striking color palette.

Screen Shot At Pm

Why Hitchcock Altered the Opening Sequence of ‘Notorious’

By Will DiGravio 

Watch a video essay examining how Alfred Hitchcock set up a motif.