Will DiGravio

Will DiGravio is a Brooklyn-based critic, researcher, and video essayist, who has been a contributor at Film School Rejects since 2018. Follow and/or unfollow him on Twitter @willdigravio.
Antonio Banderas in Pain And Glory

The Real Story Behind ‘The Monster of Florence’

By Will DiGravio 

Antonio Banderas will star in a new TV series about the infamous Italian serial killer. For now, here’s all you need to know.

The Elephant Man

A Brief History of Mel Brooks, David Lynch and ‘The Elephant Man’

By Will DiGravio 

‘The Elephant Man’ is one of David Lynch’s best movies. Did you know that Mel Brooks was the one who hired him to direct it?

Zola — Still

The Real Story Behind ‘Zola’

By Will DiGravio 

The latest movie from director Janicza Bravo and A24 is about the most famous Twitter thread in history. Here’s the real story behind ‘Zola.’

Steven Spielberg At Cannes

A Brief History of Steven Spielberg and Netflix

By Will DiGravio 

Steven Spielberg has signed a new multi-film deal with Netflix, but the two weren’t always friends.

Pretend Its A City Fran Lebowitz Martin Scorsese friends

Martin Scorsese Just Wants to Hang Out with His Friends

By Will DiGravio 

His recent work is full of small moments that remind us to keep our friends close and to hang out with them whenever possible.

Psycho ending Norman Bates

The Ending of Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘Psycho’ Explained

By Will DiGravio 

Alfred Hitchcock’s 1960 classic has one of the most famous plot twists in film history. Here’s what happens and what it says about spectatorship.

My First Film

‘My First Film’ is a Cathartic Moviegoing Experience in the Age of Quarantine

By Will DiGravio 

Zia Anger’s performed desktop documentary tells the story of her first feature film and invites us to reflect during these times.

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

A Video Essay Guide to the 92nd Academy Awards

By Will DiGravio 

Before you watch the Oscars, watch these video essays to better understand some of this year’s nominees, and remember some great work that went unnominated.

Aaron Paul Breaking Bad Video Essay

A Video Essay Guide to ‘Breaking Bad’

By Will DiGravio 

Before watching El Camino on Netflix, refresh your memory of Jesse Pinkman, Walter White, and the rest of the Breaking Bad gang with these video essays.