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Will DiGravio is a Brooklyn-based critic, researcher, and video essayist, who has been a contributor at Film School Rejects since 2018. Follow and/or unfollow him on Twitter @willdigravio.
Top Gunn: Maverick Header

The Universe Doesn’t Want More Tom Cruise Movies in the World

By Will DiGravio 

‘Top Gun: Maverick’ and ‘Mission: Impossible 7’ have been delayed again — until 2022. Hopefully, they actually come out then.

Queenpins True

The Real Story Behind ‘Queenpins’

By Will DiGravio 

The crime comedy is based on a counterfeit coupon empire that shocked law enforcement.

Jeopardy! Game Board Us

A Brief History of the Search for a New ‘Jeopardy!’ Host

By Will DiGravio 

The effort to replace Alex Trebek has become engulfed by controversy.

West Side Story New Hollywood Musicals

A Brief History of New Hollywood Directors Making Musicals

By Will DiGravio 

With the release of ‘West Side Story’ later this year, Steven Spielberg is one of the last “Movie Brats” to make a musical of his own.

The Last Picture Show

The Real Story Behind ‘The Last Picture Show’

By Will DiGravio 

A small town’s gossip inspired Peter Bogdanovich’s classic film.

The Eyes Of Tammy Faye Jessica Chastain

The Real Story Behind ‘The Eyes of Tammy Faye’

By Will DiGravio 

Jessica Chastain and Andrew Garfield star as two televangelists who build a business empire.

Scorsese Header Shutterstock

A Brief History of the Beef Between Martin Scorsese and Superhero Movies

By Will DiGravio 

James Gunn is the latest representative of Marvel to tangle with the cinema legend.

Aretha Franklin Respect Biopic Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson Shines as Aretha Franklin in ‘Respect’

By Will DiGravio 

Tony-nominated stage director Liesl Tommy makes her feature film debut with a powerful portrait of the Queen of Soul.

French Connection Commentary

The Real Story Behind ‘The French Connection’

By Will DiGravio 

A series of wild events and true-life figures inspired William Friedkin’s classic 1971 film.