Darby Delaney

Darby is a student who loves Jack Black and Nastassja Kinski's pink sweater in Paris, Texas.
La Jetee

10 Essential Arthouse Sci-Fi Films

By Darby Delaney 

An exploration of some of sci-fi’s most enigmatic, riveting films.

World On A Wire Header

Fassbinder’s World on a Wire Deserves More Recognition in the Sci-Fi Canon

By Darby Delaney 

An examination of Fassbinder’s enigmatic, mind-bending sci-fi opus, World on a Wire.

Edith Head

Edith Head’s Most Iconic Looks

By Darby Delaney 

A tribute to the legendary costume designer’s most renowned, enviable, and over-the-top ensembles.


The Transgressive Films of Kurt Kren

By Darby Delaney 

An exploration of Viennese Actionism and one of cinema’s most shocking, provocative filmmakers.

The Beatles

I Saw a Film Today, Oh Boy: Exploring The Beatles’ Engrossing Cinematic Forays

By Darby Delaney 

The Fab Four’s films are a mixed bag, but they each provide wholly distinct insights into the world’s most beloved band.

Mean Streets Martin Scorsese Soundtracks

How Martin Scorsese Perfected the Movie Soundtrack

By Darby Delaney 

An exploration of Martin Scorsese’s most ingenious soundtracks, from ‘Mean Streets’ to ‘After Hours.’

Summer Of Age

Dazed and Confused: 7 Essential Summer Coming-of-Age Movies

By Darby Delaney 

An overview of the coming-of-age genre’s most thoughtful films.

Bernard Hermann In The Man Who Knew Too Much

Bernard Herrmann’s Remarkable, Unnerving Gift to Cinema

By Darby Delaney 

An overview of the career of one of America’s greatest composers.

New German Cinema The American Friend

A Beginner’s Guide to New German Cinema

By Darby Delaney 

Darby Delaney presents an overview of one of film’s most riveting movements.