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Darby is a student who loves Jack Black and Nastassja Kinski's pink sweater in Paris, Texas.
Psycho Staircase

The Sky-High Beauty of High-Angle Shots

By Darby Delaney 

With help from a new video essay, we explore how high-angle shots can evoke emotion, drama, and narrative.

Nathan For You Giant Suit

It’s Been Real, ‘Nathan For You’

By Darby Delaney 

We say goodbye to Comedy Central’s ridiculous, deeply human series, ‘Nathan For You.’

Black Panther Use This

‘Black Panther’ and ‘A Star is Born’ Lead Nominees for Hollywood Music in Media Awards

By Darby Delaney 

The HMMAs recognize the crucial role of music in movies, television, and video games.

Blade Runner

In Defense of ’80s Synth Soundtracks

By Darby Delaney 

Watch a video essay that celebrates the dated sounds of ’80s movies.

No Featured Image

The Impact of ‘A Star Is Born’ Expands to Other Mediums

By Darby Delaney 

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s soundtrack is expected to surge to the top of the Billboard charts.

'Skyscraper' Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne Johnson to Star in a John Henry Movie for Netflix

By Darby Delaney 

The international superstar and streaming giant prove their prowess.

A Star Is Born

What Makes ‘A Star Is Born’ a Story Worth Retelling

By Darby Delaney 

Watch a video essay that explores this beloved story and its presence in our media landscape.

Claire Denis films

A Beginner’s Guide to Claire Denis

By Darby Delaney 

An overview of one of modern cinema’s great working talents.

Dog Day Afternoon

10 Essential Grimy and Sleazy New York Movies of the 1970s

By Darby Delaney 

An exploration of ’70s cinema’s most serious, riveting films.