Farah Cheded

Farah Cheded is a Senior Contributor at Film School Rejects. Outside of FSR, she can be found having epiphanies about Martin Scorsese movies here @AttractionF and reviewing Columbo episodes here.
Journey's End 2017

‘Journey’s End’ Review: A Gritty Reminder of How Far We Haven’t Come Since WWI

By Farah Cheded 

Saul Dibb’s latest proves an alarmingly relevant release in the centenary year of the end of the First World War.

Early Man

‘Early Man’ Review: A Fun, If Flawed, Reminder of Aardman’s Simple Charms

By Farah Cheded 

Nick Park’s latest doesn’t entirely re-invent the wheel, but it does remind us that animation can be full of ancient, rustic delights.

Casablanca Marseillaise Tears

Here’s Looking at Casablanca’s Refugee Story, 75 Years On

By Farah Cheded 

How the Golden Age classic bears remarkable similarity to a forgotten film about child refugees.

City Of God

The Legacy of ‘City of God’ on Brazil’s Favelas

By Farah Cheded 

From 2017, Farah Cheded discusses how this hugely successful film has impacted Rio’s poorest communities for better and for worse.

Andrea Riseborough Black Mirror Crocodile

It’s Time We Appreciated Andrea Riseborough

By Farah Cheded 

With ‘Black Mirror’ on Netflix and four films at Sundance, 2018 is supplying us with ample opportunity to give this perpetually underrated actor her due.

The Incredibles

2018 is Set to Be a Banner Year for Animation

By Farah Cheded 

Rewind Breakout

The 17 Best Breakout Performances of 2017

By Farah Cheded 

From a cussing kindergartener and a Resistance ship mechanic to two young men exploring their sexuality, 2017 has given us memorable performances and equally unforgettable performers. Here’s our list of the year’s 17 best breakouts.

Atonement Dunkirk Scene James Mcavoy

The Potent Poignancy of the ‘Atonement’ Dunkirk Scene

By Farah Cheded 

The five-minute-long, single-take Dunkirk scene in Joe Wright’s Atonement is a potent anti-war tableau and a masterclass in the logistics of filmmaking.

Florida Project Rainbow

Seeing Through the Eyes of a Child: How Color is Used in ‘The Florida Project’

By Farah Cheded 

The movie’s vibrant cinematography gifts us the sunny outlook of a child.