Farah Cheded

Farah Cheded is a Senior Contributor at Film School Rejects. Outside of FSR, she can be found having epiphanies about Martin Scorsese movies here @AttractionF and reviewing Columbo episodes here.
Varda By Agnès

‘Varda by Agnès’ Is A Fittingly Bittersweet Farewell from One of Cinema’s Greatest Directors

By Farah Cheded 

It’s impossible to come away from one of Agnès Varda’s movies and not feel your heart grow a little bigger. Her final film is no different.

Game Of Thrones Cast

What’s Next For the ‘Game of Thrones’ Cast

By Farah Cheded 

Now that our watch has ended, we can look forward to seeing our favorite Game of Thrones cast-members in all these exciting future projects.

Game Of Thrones Cast

The Best of the ‘Game of Thrones’ Cast Elsewhere

By Farah Cheded 

With the end of Game of Thrones finally within sight, we recommend the cast’s best work elsewhere, plus where to find it

One Day At A Time

With Season Three, ‘One Day at a Time’ Returns Better Than Ever

By Farah Cheded 

Netflix’s underrated gem continues to build on brilliance with its newest season.

Unrelated Hiddleston Worth

Now is A Good Time to Watch ‘Unrelated’

By Farah Cheded 

Heard of Joanna Hogg? You will by the end of this year. Get a headstart with our introduction to her work:

Actors Directing

These Fine Actors Are Going Behind The Camera in 2019

By Farah Cheded 

2019 is set to bring some much-needed diversity to the growing trend of actors trying their hand behind the camera.

A Star Is Born Lady Gaga Bradley Cooper

Every Musical Moment in ‘A Star is Born’ Ranked

By Farah Cheded 

No, Shallow isn’t number one.

Rewind Breakouts

The Best Breakout Performances of 2018

By Farah Cheded 

With these actors on the horizon, the future looks very bright indeed.

The Mercy Firth

‘The Mercy’ Review: Hidden Depths Steer this Biopic to Success

By Farah Cheded 

A surprisingly timely heart and nuanced performances from Colin Firth and Rachel Weisz mean ‘The Mercy’ is about much more than just sailing.