Brad Gullickson

Brad Gullickson is a Weekly Columnist for Film School Rejects and Senior Curator for One Perfect Shot. When not rambling about movies here, he's rambling about comics as the co-host of Comic Book Couples Counseling. Hunt him down on Twitter: @MouthDork. (He/Him)
The Batman Unanswered Questions

5 Questions Left Unanswered by ‘The Batman’

By Brad Gullickson 

We dig into The Batman and examine the five questions unanswered by the film. Is that guy at the end who we think it is? Maybe?

Star Trek Picard Season Premiere Explained

Humanity is Once Again on Trial in ‘Star Trek: Picard’

By Brad Gullickson 

Two classic ‘Star Trek’ villains return, but maybe they’re not the baddies we once thought they were?

The Batman Ending Explained

The Ending of ‘The Batman’ Explained

By Brad Gullickson 

The sins of the father will be visited upon the son.

The Batman Best Comics

The 10 Best Batman Comics to Read Alongside ‘The Batman’

By Brad Gullickson 

No, ‘The Dark Knight Returns’ is not one of them. These are tales that expose a Caped Crusader stumbling through his vengeance vow.

Moon Knight Marvel's Batman

Moon Knight is Batman Cranked to Eleven

By Brad Gullickson 

Not a new observation, but one worth exploring as the two characters invade our screens in 2022.

Göran Lundström House Of Gucci

How Göran Lundström Transformed Jared Leto for ‘House of Gucci’

By Brad Gullickson 

We chat with the prosthetics designer about wrangling Jared Leto’s massive mane, the first step in transforming the actor into Paolo Gucci, and how it differed from his work on ‘The Batman.’

Batman Blink Best Comic

The Best Batman Comic No One Ever Talks About

By Brad Gullickson 

‘The Dark Knight Returns.’ Yawn. ‘The Long Halloween.’ Snooze. ‘Batman: Blink’ is what Matt Reeves should read before making the next Batman sequel.

Star Wars Special Editions

Accepting the ‘Star Wars’ Special Editions as Definitive Editions

By Brad Gullickson 

Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering. So, free yourself. Let’s enjoy the ‘Star Wars’ Special Editions together.

Alvin Wee Encanto Score Mixer

How Sound Mixing Solidifies the Cultural Takeover of ‘Encanto’

By Brad Gullickson 

We chat with Alvin Wee about the art he supplies as the ‘Encanto’ score mixer and how tiny variations culminate in an obsessive soundtrack.