Author: M. Asher Cantrell


5 Movies That Reused The Soundtracks of Other Movies

Sony PicturesEveryone likes to cut corners, especially when it’s a job you’ve done a zillion times before. (I’ve tried re-submitting the same lists from a few months ago a bunch of times, but the edit…

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I Have Never Seen ‘White Christmas’

Paramount PicturesClassic Christmas movies have never been my bag. I’ve still not seen It’s a Wonderful Life and I’m iffy on musicals, too. I don’t dislike them or anything, there’s plenty I’ve enjoye…


I Have Never Seen ‘Scrooged’

Paramount PicturesChristmas is on the way! I’m not a yay, rah Christmas! kind of guy, but I’m not all bah humbug, either. I can’t stand Christmas music, but I do love egg nog and gift-giving. I get by…