Angela Morrison

Actual film school graduate from Toronto. Always thinking and writing about queerness, feminism, camp, melodrama, and popular culture.
Best Comedy Movies Some Like It Hot

‘Some Like it Hot’ and the Comedic Genius of Marilyn Monroe

By Angela Morrison 

Billy Wilder brought out some of the best comedic acting from the screen legend.

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

How Will Quentin Tarantino Rewrite History This Time?

By Angela Morrison 

Quentin Tarantino’s next film takes on the end of Hollywood’s Golden Age.

Maggie Gyllenhaal The Kindergarten Teacher

A Note of Appreciation for The Offbeat Charm of Maggie Gyllenhaal

By Angela Morrison 

The actress escapes any straightforward categorization.

Oscars Fix Speeches

The Rules of Great Oscar Speeches

By Angela Morrison 

We offer some guidelines to ensure enjoyable and genuine speeches.

‘The Misandrists’ Review: Bruce LaBruce, Feminism, and Camp

By Angela Morrison 

The queer Canadian filmmaker offers a funny yet critical take on gender and sexuality.

Napoleon Dynamite

Forever Young: ‘Napoleon Dynamite’ Turns 15

By Angela Morrison 

Jared Hess’s strange and lovable film remains just as funny 15 years later.

Rewind Lgbtq Films

The Finest LGBTQ Cinema of 2018

By Angela Morrison 

Filmmakers from around the world offered a wide range of queer narratives this year.

Netflix Other Side Of The Wind

‘The Other Side of the Wind’ and Authorship

By Angela Morrison 

The newly-released film from the 1970s reveals insights about Orson Welles’s legacy.

Movie Theater

An Ode to Working at the Multiplex

By Angela Morrison 

Making popcorn and cleaning cinemas may be more fun than you think.