Tara Settembre

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Reese Witherspoon Stars in Rendition

Legally Blonde actress turned Academy Award winner Reese Witherspoon has a new movie coming out, Rendition, with actor Jake Gyllenhaal. Reese plays Isabella El-Ibrahimi, an American wife of an Egyptian-born chemical engineer, Anwar El-Ibrahimi (played by Omar Metwally). He disappears on a flight from South Africa to Washington and Isabella is trying to figure out what happened to her husband on that flight. Read More...
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The Brave One

The Brave One starring Jodie Foster is in the same vain as her recent thrillers, Flightplan and Panic Room, only this one is grittier and more harrowing. This intense story is like a female Batman tale, but without the cape and mask. Yes, we've all seen revenge movies like this before, Payback etc, but the vigilantes are usually men and sometimes hard-boiled. However, in The Brave One, Jodie Foster is the revenge thirsty heroine that can't take it anymore. Read More...
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Maybe it was the vague commercials or bloody logo, but I wasn't expecting to like 300, yet I did.From the mind of the creator of Sin City, 300 is also based on Read More...