Astro Boy Loses Propulsion, Gatchaman Hits the Skids

Astroboy Might be Hitting the Redlight

We’re probably going to be, unfortunately, reporting on several projects that are being redlighted because of a lack of funds.

According to a rumor being spread by Firstshowing, Imagi Animation is hurting for cash, and Astroboy and Gatchaman are going to pay the price. We haven’t seen much to confirm the rumor, although there have been some rumblings on the ground that Astroboy was in trouble. However, it has the deeper implications that workers at Imagi are being asked not to show up to work after the end of the week.


Hopefully the films will be on schedule – and not redlighted as rumored – since Astroboy is slated for a release on October 23rd. So keep your fingers crossed.

However, if you do get flustered by possibly good movies being shut down, you can always take your frustration out on the recession by TPing Bernie Madoff’s house.

What do you think? Will you miss Astroboy if it goes away? How bad do you want to TP that Ponzi-scheming asses house? A ton? Me too.

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