Ask Richard Linklater Anything You Want About His New Film, ‘Bernie’

By  · Published on April 17th, 2012

It’s no secret that we love Constellation round these parts – we’ve already hosted one screening through the online movie-viewing platform (a barn-burner of a Rashomon screening) and we’ve got a terrifyingly appropriate one teed up for later this week (that would be our 4/20 screening of The Big Lebowski) – but for all the fun it provides, the site is admirable because of its unique ability to allow film fans access to great movies and filmmakers without having to actually do something nuts, like leave the house to go to a movie theater (I kid).

This week, Constellation is hosting a free special sneak peek of Richard Linklater’s Bernie, along with a live online Q&A session with the filmmaker. This Thursday, April 19th, at 8:00 PM EST, Constellation will play a series of exclusive clips from the upcoming film, including behind-the-scenes looks and true-story featurettes, with Linklater hosting the post-screening Q&A. The conversation will take place in Constellation’s virtual movie theater platform, with Linklater live via webcam. Even better? It’s free!

Linklater’s Jack Black-starring film is based on the bizarre true story of Bernie Tiede, the “nicest murderer you’ll ever meet,” a seemingly regular guy pushed to extreme ends. Our own Jack saw the film at SXSW and quite enjoyed it, calling it the filmmaker’s “most accessible film in years” and one that “falls somewhere in the middle between his commercial features and his more experimental works as a splendid mix of both sensibilities. Bernie is hilarious, clever, sweet, thought-provoking, and a fine example of the most interesting type of comedy.”

Bernie will open in limited release on April 27, but you can get a free sneak peek at it on Thursday via Constellation – get your free online tickets HERE.