Arrested Development Movie Plans Are In Motion

Just moments ago I hopped online to search for ‘Cheeseburger in a Can’ and noticed an email in my inbox. The subject line was “don’t wet yourself”, which I immediately did because it could only mean one thing. Well, one of three things.A) DNA tests have revealed that I in fact am Jessica Alba’s baby’s daddy.B) Kevin Costner was coming to Berkeley to perform his one-man play, I Am Costner.C) Arrested Development, the best half-hour television show of all time, is returning in the form of a full-length feature film.Well luckily for all involved, the subject line referred to a Page Six report that plans are most definitely in motion to bring Arrested Development to the big screen! Apparently Jeffrey Tambor had a recent chat with the show’s executive producer, Ron Howard, and Howard asked if he’d be up for a movie reunion. He said “there’s a push to get the movie made” and plans to start pre-production after the writer’s strike ends. Yes this news puts an Arrested Development movie in pre-pre-production, but that’s still one step above rumor. Best news I’ve heard in months. At least until I hear back from Jessica or Kevin anyway…Update: E! Online’s “Watch with Kristin” Blog has been so gracious as to get confirmation from Development star Jason Bateman. Bateman said that he “can confirm that a round of sniffing around has started.”  Talking Point: Do you think they should make an Arrested Development movie?

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