‘Arrested Development’ Film ‘More Hypothetical Than People Think’

Michael Cera amuses us for many reasons. His candid comments on the prospects of an Arrested Development film do not. Okay, yes they do.

It seems like nearly all of the cast from the critically acclaimed TV series have voiced their support for a film adaptation of Arrested Development. Rumors have recently been flying that Michael Cera’s unwillingness to sign off on the film was part of the reason the film was being held up. Cera set the record straight with MTV Movies Blog during an interview to promote his Sundance film Paper Heart, explaining that there isn’t even a script out yet. “The movie is more hypothetical than people think,” Cera explained.

When asked whether he would like to play the part of George Michael Bluth again, Cera deadpanned and said, “I’d possibly like to play the part. I’d possibly like to put the script in my shredder.” Now before everyone gets up in arms over the comment, it’s pretty clear that Cera is joking. Cera quickly stated after the joke that he would be interested in seeing the story. So there you have it.

What do you think of Michael Cera’s comments? Do you want to see an Arrested Development film?

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