Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone Do Some Hardcore Standing Around in First ‘Tomb’ Pic

Schwarzenegger Stallone The Tomb

Fair warning – Arnold Schwarzenegger is going to be everywhere soon. The Expendables 2 hits theaters this weekend, and now that he’s unencumbered by gubernatorial duties, the body builder formally known as “Numero Uno” plans to spend all of his free time being in all the movies forever.

According to an excellent profile in the Wall Street Journal, Schwarzenegger has outlined a focused comeback plan to recapture his Hollywood stardom. That seemed fairly clear from the waves of announcements in the months following the end of his public service, but when the article notes the one-two punch of “nostalgia” and “empathy for an aging action hero,” it paints the portrait exactly right. From the David Ayer action flick Breacher to the English-language debut of Ji-woon Kim The Last Stand, Schwarzenegger is looking to build on his previous talents while recognizing his new status as the elder statesman.

The article also features the first look at the actor with Sylvester Stallone, posing in jail gear for The Tomb – the story of a mega-prison designer who gets locked up behind the bars of his own creation and has to hatch an escape plan. They’re just standing around, hanging out, but hopefully one of them throws a steam pipe through a dude at some point.

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