Armie Hammer Attached to ‘2:22’

Armie Hammer put himself firmly on everyone’s radar last year by playing dual roles as the WInklevoss twins in David Fincher’s The Social Network, and now Lightstream Pictures is putting out word that he has been attached to star in their new thriller 2:22. A lot of people are going to paint this as good news for Hammer’s budding career, but I’m not so sure. First a movie where he is playing twins, and now a film with a bunch of twos in the title? Could this be the early signs of a Number 23 type mental breakdown from Hammer? Or has his career to this point just been viral marketing giving us hints that he will be playing Two-Face in the post Dark Knight Rises Batman reboot? Okay, probably not. But if there are any instances of twos showing up when Hammer appears in Clint Eastwood’s upcoming J. Edgar, then I’m launching a full on investigation.

As for 2:22, it was written by first time screenwriter Todd Stein and Nathan Parker, who shared a writing credit with Duncan Jones on Moon. It’s set to be directed by Paul Currie, who is also the co-founder of the production company putting it together. And it’s about an air traffic controller (Hammer) who finds himself subject to a series of strange occurrences. Not the least of which is a bright light that blinds him at 2:22 and nearly causes the mid air collision of two passenger planes, and a mysterious lady named Sarah to whom he feels a strong connection. Also there’s going to be bits about love and murder and what looks like references to past lives. Sounds juicy.

Currie says of the project, “From the moment I first read the script, I realized that 2:22 was the kind of project that is extremely rare; a film that is highly cinematic, visceral, and mysterious, providing audiences a thrill ride from the first to the very last scene.” It sounds to me like somebody just watched Speed before they put this press release together. There’s nothing wrong with that, though. I think I’m going to go watch Speed.

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