‘Any Day Now’ Trailer Dares You to Watch It Without Crying

Any Day Now Trailer

Every once in a while a movie gets made that’s quite clearly designed for the express purpose of making everyone who watches it bawl their eyes out. Any Day Now is one of those movies. The first few seconds of its new trailer make it look like it might be a fun, ‘70s-set romance about a newly out of the closet gay man learning something about life and love thanks to a new relationship with a free spirit – a manic pixie dreamboy movie, if you will – but once it introduces the drama, it goes full bore with it and just refuses to stop. More than being a simple tearjerker, this one looks like it’s going to leave your tear ducts sore and feeling violated.

The basic story is that Alan Cumming and Garret Dillahunt are a gay couple trying to navigate the murky and prejudiced waters of the ’70s court system so that they can adopt a mentally challenged boy who lives down the hall from them and is being neglected by his crappy, awful mother. I know, right?

What follows are scenes of joy-filled bonding, inspirational monologues, and dramatic threats of separation, all set to the sort of tender piano music and soaring strings that are conducive to having a good weep.

Any Day Now is scheduled to hit theaters on December 14. Better start stocking up on tissues now.

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