Anna Kendrick Is Far from Singing Carols in the ‘Happy Christmas’ Trailer


Magnolia Pictures

When the words “Anna Kendrick” and “Christmas” are combined, one has the pretty justified idea that they’re in for a feel good, wholesome time that they could probably share with the whole family. She’s just so darn cute, amiright? But Pitch Perfect: Holiday Edition this is not, nor is Happy Christmas seem anything remotely like the worlds that Kendrick seems happy in making hospitable for her bubbly, shortcake characters. The first trailer for the Joe Swanberg film shows a bleak holiday season devoid of singing, definitely devoid of acapella and anything that makes Kendrick peppy. Everyone gets a makeover every once in awhile.

Happy Christmas follows Jenny (Kendrick), a twentysomething with a penchant for partying hard after after a particularly hard breakup knocks her down on the ground (feel you girl). With no direction and less options, she moves in with her brother (Swanberg, playing double duty as actor), her sister-in-law Kelly (Melanie Lynskey) and their baby to figure her life out. It’s the tried and true story of the dopey shlub of a dude trying to get out of arrested development, but this time, it’s been hoisted upon young Anna Kendrick’s shoulders. Will there be different results when it’s Jenny trying to cobble the pieces of her life together, and not say, an unshaven, unwashed bro in a hoodie named Jeff?

Check out the trailer below:

Rest assured, since this is a dramedy, not a drama, Jenny will be finding herself someone to fall for along the way to her own path of discovery – the couple’s babysitter slash pot dealer (Mark Webber). It’s mostly through sex that they’ll be helping each other mend and grow; when Jenny is too incompetent of a human being to function as a babysitter for a few hours without getting drunk, or make a Digiorno pizza without burning down the house, she’s clearly risen to the number one spot in the desirable mate category.

And if having a funtime manny-cum-weed procurer sex buddy to help her through her quarter life crisis during Christmas wasn’t enough, Lena Dunham is also around to shake things up and get Jenny back in her groove. They’re also apparently going to help Kelly get out of her stay at home mom rut – which, if your freeloader sister-in-law and her Lena Dunham Friend ever tried to tell you how to live your life, wouldn’t that be the catalyst to boot her out the door?

If Kendrick was the calm, collected girlfriend (who still had a lot of shit of her own to deal with) in her last collaboration with Swanberg – Drinking Buddies – it will be interesting to see how the pair plays out a woman trying to figure it out for herself.

Happy Christmas is on iTunes June 26th and in theaters July 25th.