Anna Kendrick Goes ‘Up’ with Jason Reitman

Anna Kendrick to star in Up in the Air

If there is one thing we love about Jason Reitman it is that the man has a real knack for putting together a great cast. Thank You for Smoking saw a tour de force of Aaron Eckhart along with great supporting performances from Rob Lowe and J.K. Simmons. Juno was a melting pot of great performances, everyone from the Oscar-nominated Ellen Page to Allison Janey and Olivia Thirlby. And in casting his next film Up in the Air, a corporate drama based on Walter Kirn’s 2001 novel, Reitman has tapped young Twilight and Rocket Science star Anna Kendrick to star opposite George Clooney.

In Twilight, Kendrick plays one of the few entertaining characters, injecting energy into all of her scenes. As well, she was great in the 2006 Sundance darling Rocket Science, starring alongside Reece Thompson. This could be a great break for the 23-year old Kendrick, who is a talented young actress. And we all know how working with Jason Reitman worked out for another young actress with a truck-full of talent. She ended up making teen pregnancy the in-thing last year. Now that’s power.

Up in the Air will see a release sometime in 2009.

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