Anna Kendrick and Aubrey Plaza Soar in The Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates Trailer

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No offense intended to Adam DeVine and Zac Efron. They are both funny and I’m sure they will bro-out in this movie. But let’s be honest about the real draw for Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates: the trailer park sensual sorcery of Aubrey Plaza and Anna Kendrick.

Party movies are fun. Yet for every Animal House, Wedding Crashers or the more recent Neighbors, you also get an obscure Van Wilder or American Pie sequel. It’s often tough to judge with only a trailer as evidence. But let’s take Mike and Dave for what it hopes to be: a loud comedy about partying too hard and maturing just a little bit.

Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates doesn’t appear to aspire to anything more, but that might be enough. It looks as if Plaza and Kendrick are off the rails in this one, which should make for a good time.

The trailer is below. Mike and Dave drop into theaters on July 8.


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