Animated Fun: Three More Beautiful Clips from Pixar’s Up


The folks at Disney and Pixar have provided us with three new clips/featurettes for their upcoming animated adventure Up, from Monsters Inc. director Pete Docter — and my, don’t they look amazing. For those fellow lovers of animation out there, you may be in the same boat as yours truly, in which I am continually amazed at the brilliant and vibrant animation that comes out of that little animation firm in Emeryville, California. Every time we think that there’s no way that they can top what they’ve just done, they drop even more brilliance. Furthermore, every time we hear about a Pixar movie premise and it doesn’t sound right — like a movie about a rat that wants to become a chef or one in which all of the main characters are robots who can’t talk — it always seems to turn out just right. They’ve got a knack for beautiful animation, and an even better knack for telling us great new stories.

Which brings us to Up, their 10th film — it will also be their first 3D film, which is explored in the third featurette below. It is the story of a 78-year old man (voiced by Ed Asner) who embarks on a high-flying adventure with a young wilderness scout named Russell (voiced by Jordan Nagai) to unknown worlds, where they find themselves in the face of unexpected dangers and wild creatures. It hits theaters on May 29th here in the U.S. and will kick off the Cannes Film Festival on May 13th in France. For a few fresh looks, check out the new footage below.

Meet Russell:

Featurette: Lost World:

Featurette: Pixar’s 1st 3D Film:

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