Andie MacDowell and Daughter Rainey Qualley Join the Latest Holiday-Themed Ensemble ‘Mother’s Day’

In good news for people who love bad movies, the current trend of putting together projects that are named after holidays and feature the largest ensemble casts ever assembled seems to be continuing. Director Garry Marshall and New Line Cinema had so much success with their relationship compendiums Valentine’s Day and New Year’s Eve that some new players are looking to get into the game. Writer/director Paul Duddridge is all set to bring us Mother’s Day, a film that will examine the relationships of twelve different mother/daughter pairings.

Not much is yet known regarding the specifics of Mother’s Day’s plot or character descriptions, but Deadline Astoria has all the latest scoops regarding the casting details. Already cast in undisclosed roles are the real-life mother/daughter duo of Susan Sarandon and Eva Amurri Martino, and joining them in keeping the theme of familial authenticity going are the newly cast team of Andie MacDowell and her daughter Rainey Qualley. Christina Ricci is also said to be signed, but there’s no mention of her real-life mother, so boo to her for ruining a nice theme.

It’s probably unfair to judge Duddridge’s new film based on work someone else has done, but it’s going to be kind of unavoidable seeing as Mother’s Day sounds so similar in concept to Garry Marshall’s recent, craptacular output. He’s going to have his work cut out for him when it comes to getting the press on his side in selling another all-encompassing, holiday-themed dramedy about interpersonal relationships. And the fact that he’s a first time feature director who will have to find a way to juggle so many different actors and disparate plot threads isn’t making his job look any easier. Hopefully he knows what he’s doing.

You know, if it even matters. Probably if he keeps finding a way to cast super famous people and their offspring this will be a gimmick that makes a gajillion dollars no matter what the film press says. Paul Duddridge just may be a genius.

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