‘Anchorman’ Duo to Reboot ‘The Flinstones,’ Will Ferrell-Loincloth Bullet Successfully Dodged

By  · Published on May 8th, 2014


If someone put a gun to your head, then asked the following question:

Who would you rather see in a Flintstones reboot – Seth MacFarlane or Will Ferrell?

What would you say?

Thankfully, none of us will be doing a prehistoric Sophie’s Choice anytime soon, because the decision’s already been made. THR reports that Ferrell and Anchorman series director Adam McKay will be executive producers on a new Flintstones movie for Warner Bros., with frequent Ferrell collaborator Chris Henchy penning the script (Henchy also wrote Land of the Lost, The Campaign, The Other Guys and the upcoming Ferrell vehicle Daddy’s Home).

MacFarlane mounted a Flintstones TV reboot in 2011, but it fell apart for various reasons. Some (the executives at Fox) said the script was no good, while others (Seth MacFarlane) said MacFarlane was just too busy to work on it. Who knows where the truth lies.

An executive producer slot on this new Flintstones doesn’t necessarily mean Will Ferrell will be voicing Fred Flintstone (The Great Gazoo, maybe), but it does promise a certain kind of humor from our nation’s preeminent caveman-themed Honeymooners ripoffs. Think Anchorman, but with cavemen. Or Step Brothers, with cavemen. Or Talladega Nights… you get the idea.

The silver lining in all this? The Flintstones will not be live-action. +1 for the absence of any Will Ferrells in loin cloths, and another +1 for our new Flintstones looking considerably less dated and horrible than the 1994 John Goodman version.

Yes, this all but guarantees that the Flintstones will be awkwardly transposed into CGI, just like what happened to poor old Charlie Brown. But as off-putting as Peanuts looks, think how much worse it’d be with real children, a real beagle and some mutant bird-creature that flies around making the Woodstock warble.

Prepare to meet this modern Stone Age famileee in early 2017–18. Not because of any official confirmation, but because Warner Bros. just set the dates for two films entitled Untitled Warner Animation Group Project #1 and #2, on February 10, 2017 and February 9, 2018. As the one big WB animated movie we know of – The Lego Movie 2 – is already set for May 26, 2017, The Flintstones is a safe bet for one of those Februaries.

The ’94 Flintstones was PG, as was its prequel, 2000’s The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas, which subbed out John Goodman for Robert Baratheon and received the same cold reviews as the first Flintstones movie, but without the warming glow of hundred million-dollar profits. MacFarlane and Ferrell are not PG-rated choices, but the odds are The Flintstones would be better suited to a PG Ferrell/McKay CGI remake than a PG-13 (or, heaven forbid, an R) one. And maybe pushing the Anchorman duo in a different direction would get their creative juices bubbling. We need all the bubble we can get, if we are to endure another Flintstones that is not the actual Flintstones cartoon.

All we can do now is bide our time, and also begin pooling our bets on who’ll get to voice Fred. Will it be Ferrell, or one of his chubby man-friends John C. Reilly, Zach Galifianakis or Danny McBride? Place your bets now.