Amidst Production Drama, ‘Jane Got a Gun’ Finally Gets Around to Casting Final Major Role

By  · Published on April 10th, 2013

With its revolving door of cast members and production drama in the wake of director Lynne Ramsay’s departure, Jane Got a Gun has scarcely had time to hook a new director, let alone fill the one still-vacant leading role. Now that Warrior director Gavin O’Connor has taken over the film, Jane is finally getting a hubby in O’Connor’s frequent collaborator, Noah Emmerich.

Brian Duffield’s Western script centers on Natalie Portman’s eponymous Jane, who discovers that her outlaw hubby (Emmerich) is the target of Bradley Cooper’s baddie gang and then subsequently hires on her own ex-lover (Joel Edgerton) to help her protect her farm from Cooper and his desperado pals. Deadline’s scoop that Emmerich is set to fill the husband role (which, admittedly, I think most of us had forgotten about in the wake of all the Jane drama) doesn’t come as a surprise – Jane will be the fifth film that Emmerich has starred in for O’Connor, as the pair have also worked on such projects as Miracle and Warrior (which also starred Edgerton).

As nice as it is that Jane didn’t fall totally apart after Ramsay’s exit, the story of the could-have-been cast of the film will always sting a bit, and it’s hard not to think about what the final product might have looked like, had it starred Michael Fassbender or Jude Law as directed by Ramsay.