American Teen Gets a Warm Texas Welcome at SXSW

American Teen

This morning I was met with some disappointing news — that the interview I had requested with Hannah Bailey (pictured above), one of the stars of American Teen, is not going to happen today. As my friends over at the Interactive Festival would say… “major fail”.

But despite this major fail, I am happy to report that American Teen, one of the best films to be shown in a theater this year, was greeted by a big, warm Texas-sized response when it took center stage at the Alamo Draft House yesterday afternoon. Hannah was in attendance, as were some of the Austin celebrati like AICN’s Harry Knowles. At certain key moments during the film, the normally reserved (and well fed) festival crowd was drawn to cheers — in particular, one scene in which Hannah declares her plans to move to California to her disproving parents.

In the end, the film received a roaring applause — it was truly unlike anything that we’ve experienced thus far. In fact, it was an even warmer welcome than the one the film saw at its world premiere in Park City in February. Is it the warmer climate of central Texas compared to the icy cold mountains of Utah? I doubt it — the fact is that this is the crowd, this is the demographic for American Teen — the people of the midwest will find absolutely no trouble latching on to this brilliant film. I’ve said it before and I will say it again — if you get the opportunity to see American Teen (Hint: It’s theatrical release will begin on July 25th), don’t let it pass you by.

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