Go In The Field with the Cast and Crew of 'American Assassin'

An exclusive clip from the Blu-ray release of 'American Assassin,' just for you.

Michael Keaton In "american Assassin" From Cbs Films

An exclusive clip from the Blu-ray release of ‘American Assassin,’ just for you.

If you’re going to position yourself alongside fellow super spies like James Bond, Jason Bourne, or Ethan Hunt then you better prove your worth on the global battleground of high-stakes espionage. As you can see in this exclusive clip from the new American Assassin Blu-ray, director Michael Cuesta was determined to solidify Vince Flynn’s Mitch Rapp as a creature operating in the same geo-political shooting range as those iconic agents. Trotting the globe from Washington D.C. to London to Rome and back to the home front of Rhode Island, damn, we’ve worked real hard at fostering contempt across this planet. Yep, we’ll need some serious World Police to protect our right to insult.

American Assassin is an action thriller with a healthy supply of cultural self-loathing to drive its revenge plot into the murkier depths of black ops retaliation. With plenty of questionable morality to chew through, it’s the sort of tenacious zealotry that Michael Keaton excels at rallying behind. He’s a heroic grotesque that’s just attractive enough to woo Dylan O’Brien’s Rapp from his death-wish vengeance spiral. Is it also enough to propel Flynn’s creation into the same league as his inspirations?

American Assassin is out now on Digital HD and will be available on 4K, Blu-ray, and DVD on December 5th.

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