Amelia Earhart Found!… In Night At the Museum 2 Set Photos

Fear not, faithful aviation aficionados, for Amelia Earhart has been found at last! No, not some old skeleton on a deserted desert isle, but rather Amy Adams from the upcoming installment of Night at the Museum. These set photos popped up onto the internet recently and they show us a few cool things.

First we see Amy Adams as Amelia Earhart and we also get to see our man Ben Stiller sucking face with her. Way to go Ben! No indication whether Carla Gugino is back or not, so we may get a love triangle or just some straight romantic entanglement. Will she find a way to survive outside the museum? Also in the pics, we see the return of the Mongols, Earhart’s plane, and the tablet from the first flick that allows all the museum displays to come to life.

I dug the first Night at the Museum and thought it was a fun, family friendly film. I’m not totally stoked for this sequel, family films don’t light my eternal flame, but I will definitely watch it when it rolls around May 22, 2009. Check a few of the pics at The Bad and Ugly.

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