AMC Theaters Planning Marvel Movie Marathon for ‘Avengers’ Release

Say what you will about AMC theaters being one of the central powers in the heartless, corporate multiplex system that currently controls film exhibition in this country; over the past couple years they’ve really made an effort to put together some cool events that cater to film fans. Whether it’s their yearly marathons of the Best Picture Nominees, or special re-releases for classic films hitting anniversaries, or themed marathons promoting a big release, AMC proves that, even in the multiplex, love for the movies isn’t dead.

And, you know, they have to be making profits off of these things or they wouldn’t keep doing them, but let’s focus on the love right now.

Their latest marathon will be taking place on Thursday, May 3rd, in conjunction with the release of Marvel’s big tentpole feature The Avengers. Starting at 11:30 a.m. participating theaters will be running through all of the Marvel Studios movies that have become the build to The Avengers, all culminating with the midnight premiere of the new film. Keeping track of these superhero movies is hard though, and it feels like Samuel L. Jackson has showed up after the credits of half the movies released over the last few years, so exactly which movies will AMC be screening?

The order goes like this: Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man 2, Thor 3D, Captain America 3D, The Avengers 3D. That’s a lot of 3D films to take in all in a row, so as an added incentive participants will be issued Avengers themed 3D glasses.

How much is all of this going to cost? Forty bucks. So far ten theaters are announced as participating (which can be seen on the AMC site), and tickets for these venues will go on sale on March 12th, but many more participating locations should be announced on March 16th. What do you say readers, are any of you true enough believers to take in the whole Marvel shebang all in one sitting? Theoretically you will be given pee breaks.

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