All in the Family: A GIF Gallery for Wes Anderson’s ‘THE ROYAL TENENBAUMS’

For my money, THE ROYAL TENENBAUMS is the most Wes Anderson movie there is. Sure, there are others a little more drenched in his aesthetic (THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL), and there are some with stories that are more, shall we say, Andersonian (THE LIFE AQUATIC), but in my opinion, THE ROYAL TENENBAUMS is the most successful blending of these qualities to date, the one where his aesthetic is noted but not distracting, and his story is insular without being exclusionary.

For all their blaring and alarming dysfunction, the Tenenbaums are somehow strangely sweet within and between one another, and it is this deft balance of apathy and empathy where the film’s heart is found.

So take a quick trip back through THE ROYAL TENEBAUMS with this collection of GIFs meant to whet your appetite for another screening.

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