‘All About Steve’ Trailer Is All About Sandra Bullock’s Blond Hair


I don’t really have much to add to this trailer.  So here it is.

See what I mean?  Aside from the ridiculous hair that I can only assume is meant to visually represent her character’s unique personality and style, there’s really nothing worth mentioning here.  The cast is nice I guess.  Thomas Haden Church and Bradley Cooper are both funny and talented.  Bullock is fine, but with this and The Proposal opening this year I think it’s time for her to take a sabbatical from romantic comedies.  Perhaps find some oddball action picture to star in… maybe something that reunites her with her Demolition Man co-star… something set in South America and filled with guns and explosions…

All About Steve opens March 6th.  As does a much more interesting-looking film called Tokyo! And of course, a little film called Watchmen.

Are you excited to see All About Steve?

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