Alice in Wonderland Blasts to $116 Million

Alice in Wonderland

Well, we kind of figured that Alice in Wonderland would set the top box office opening of 2010, but I dunno how many people predicted this: $116 million!

Now, I know that there was ticket-price inflation due to 3-D and so on, but still, even Avatar only opened to $77 million, and that was the biggest 3-D movie of all time. This, however, ranks as the biggest opening for a 3-D movie of all time.

Not only that, but this is the greatest opening of all time for a movie in the month of March, and for that matter, of any movie opening in any month before May. It also ranks as the sixth-greatest opening of all time. Not bad for a movie opening at this time of year.

The movie made $41 million on Friday and $45 million on Saturday, averaging $31,196 per location. Well over half of its locations were 3-D (and therefore benefited from the increased ticket prices for 3-D.)

So there you have another record falling, and as I have said before, it is really getting ridiculous the number of records that keep on falling for no good reason every week. As I have said, it has to be these ticket prices. Three big factors, I think, for why this was such a moneymaker: it was in 3-D, Tim Burton made it, and Johnny Depp was in it. There were likely a few other reasons.

Brooklyn’s Finest finished its opening weekend a distant runner-up. The weekend estimates are as follows:

  1. Alice in Wonderland (2010) – $116,300,000
  2. Brooklyn’s Finest – $13,500,000
  3. Shutter Island – $13,300,000
  4. Cop Out – $9,145,000
  5. Avatar – $7,700,000
  6. The Crazies – $7,016,000
  7. Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief – $5,100,000
  8. Valentine’s Day – $4,270,000
  9. Crazy Heart – $3,350,000
  10. Dear John – $2,850,000

So there you go, another record falls by the wayside. And they say the month of March is no good for blockbusters – — not any more.

Back with another Reject Report later this week, where we shall ponder whether the Alice in Wonderland gravy train will continue for a while longer.

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